Tie & Tease Massage Birmingham

Tie & Tease Massage Birmingham by Girls Just for You

Are you ready to try something new? Have you ever fantasised about exploring your deepest desires that can only be found with a Birmingham Tie & Tease Massage? Here at Girls Just 4 You we have ladies who can’t wait to help you submerge yourself into a world of heightened sensuality, and deepest pleasure.

With our Tie & Tease Massage experience in Birmingham, you will be tied up, teased and pleased until your total release.  Our tie & tease massage is designed to help you explore your most way out fantasies you will find that by having to totally let go of all control all your senses of touch and feel and smell are greatly enhanced.

This Tie and Tease massage experience becomes greater and more profound the more you surrender to the expert touch of Mistress Carla or one of her friends here at Girls Just for You. So is it time you tried the unbelievably heightened pleasure of our Tie & Tease Massage in Birmingham? Many say that this experience has taken them to a much higher new level of total erotic satisfaction.

Our amazing Birmingham Tie and Tease Massage will stimulate your mind and body and awaken your fantasies and every one of your senses. This massage will ignite the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine throughout your body and heighten your pleasure with every touch.


Tie & Tease Massage Birmingham by Girls Just for You


The Tie & Tease massage Birmingham here at Girls Just 4 You will help you feel pleasure by being touched lightly and gently, We can also introduce tickling if you let us know that you would enjoy that. This is the most sensual and sexually explosive style of massage experience available.

It is designed to release the hormones of pleasure and happiness. Our Tie and Tease massages rely on your fantasies and how far you would like to go with them. So we will always talk together at the start of the session to ensure that we know what you would like to try!!

Those with very serious and stressful jobs often find that tie and tease massage is the best way to help you be completely present and totally switch off your busy mind off. For those who are always in charge of others, in authority or management, this intense style of massage experience can be massively liberating, because you are finally having to give up control and let someone else be in control of you!

During your Tie and Tease massage experience you will physically be letting your lady tie you up! This can be with soft and gentle Silk scarves, Leather cuffs, Ropes or even Handcuffs.  You can choose how to be tied up and how tightly you would like to be tied and restricted. OR you can let her choose how she would like to tie you up. You will be bound by your wrists and ankles or just one of them again you can choose or give that choice to your lady.  Then get ready for teasing and constant soft and delicate stimulation leading to the most intense sexual experience.

Tie & Tease Submissive Experience at Girls Just for You


As your Tie and Tease Massage progresses you will find yourself being stimulated more and more, knowing that you have no control over what’s going to happen next!  Even if you think you know what may happen next you also know that you cannot do anything about it. You will constantly be being brought to one peak of pleasure after another. Soft and gentle sensual caresses take you closer and closer to the edge. Imagine the excitement when you hear the slow buzz of a vibrator coming towards you!

So if you think it sounds like intense fun so far imagine how much more exciting things are going to feel when a velvet, PVC or leather blindfold is introduced into the proceedings and you begin to experience how submissive you can be to someone else’s decisions as to what they are going to do to you next.

Tell us about your submissive fantasies and let your mind and imagination go into overdrive while you are taken totally in hand whilst having your limits respected at all times. Your Tie and Tease Masseuse Birmingham will skillfully help you relax and switch off your mind, while at the same time, the suspense of the situation and your lack of control will keep your adrenaline levels high and make you feel so incredibly excited.

For those who wish to take things a step further, you might want to give your masseuse the new role as your mistress and allow her to create even more new ways to take your adventure up a few notches. Whilst all this time you will be having all you’re most intimate parts stimulated.

To get the best out of your Birmingham Tie and Tease massage session you will need to have very good hygiene and both of you need to smell good and fresh from the very beginning.

We have some extremely talented Birmingham Tie and Tease masseuses here at “Girls Just for You” and if you hand over a full one hundred per cent of control to your masseuse so that she can direct your session the way she wants to. You will be in a whole new world of fantasy pleasure. Now they can dominate you and be very strict but will also let you set your boundaries and the pace of your journey ahead.

The endorphin explosions of euphoria are feelings worth trying to achieve and experience We would suggest several one or two-hour Tie and Tease massage sessions first before moving onto total surrender on this intensely erotic adventure! You might get much more sexually confident afterwards and be ready for more!

Let us show you a new level of pleasure and later explore your more submissive side with our soft domination sessions.