Tantric Massage Birmingham

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If you are looking for one of the best Tantric Massages in Birmingham you have probably found it. Tantric Massage is one of our most popular and most requested styles of massage.

Our Tantric Massage experience is an erotic massage with more than just a touch of the Far East. We are mixing some of the ancient techniques of tantra with the more recognisable western erotic and sensual massage strokes. While you are in the hands of our expert masseuses, you can completely relax and let go and indulge yourself completely while enjoying this mind-blowing experience. ( Happy Ending )

Your Girls Just for You Birmingham Tantric Masseuse will gently take you on a sensual journey of discovery. You just have to lay back and let go, giving her a chance to caress you with a full-body massage, creating wave after wave of arousal and with amazing sensations starting to take over, you will become aware of her sensual magic starting to create and slowly build up the experience of complete physical and mental relaxation


Tantric Massage Birmingham by Girls Just for You

Many of our “Girls Just For You” Birmingham, ladies have had some training in tantra and know just how to create the indulgent pleasure that tantra strokes can produce in a tantric massage. During your session, she will slowly reveal to you the exciting pleasures to be felt from this amazing ancient form of erotic massage. She will gently and skillfully keep increasing your sensual energy, and her constant teasing touches will help you to enjoy greater and greater intense pleasure for longer.

During your Tantric Massage, you will be fully naked, and your therapist will be fully naked too.  She will only be using the highest quality massage oils while you lay back and enjoy her sensual touch. She may well use some Swedish Massage techniques to release tension in your body, she will also give you a slow, naked body-to-body massage.

Our signature tantric massage combines massage ideas from Ayurveda Massage where we are stimulating the energy of your seven energy centres known as Chakras, there will also be tension relief techniques from Swedish Massages such as Effluerge and Tapotement and then those mind-blowing body glides, gentle finger teasing and naked body to body massage which are all part of sensual and erotic massage.

While there is undoubtedly a therapeutic benefit with a tantric massage your masseuse will be there to tease and tantalise every part of your body. Making sure you enjoy ultimate sensual satisfaction. ( Happy Ending )

All of our masseuses have had some tantric training though some will be more experienced than others. We have two or three lovely skilled ladies here with us at any one time and you only have to give us a quick call on 07395 134 196 or check our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook pages to see who is available today to choose from.


Why would you choose a Tantric Massage In Birmingham? Well for a very long time, it has been well-known that Sensual Tantric massage has many physical and psychological health benefits. With the fast-paced speed of life, these days and our non-stop lifestyle a Tantric massage will allow you time to fully relax your body and mind whilst completely indulging yourself in erotic pleasure.

You will enjoy feeling pampered and rejuvenated while we take care of your sensual desires and individual erotic needs. We want you to leave feeling satisfied and re-energised and wanting to visit us again and again.

Our Sensual Tantric Massage is the ideal way to relax your body and mind whilst completely indulging yourself in erotic pleasure. You are welcome to combine other “Girls Just for You Birmingham” massages with your Tantric Massage session as we always want to create the perfect massage experience for you.

Remember this is our own interpretation of the ancient art of Tantra a technique which is thousands of years old. One translation of Tantra is ” Woven Together ” which is a lovely description of the tantric practice of combining the spiritual and physical senses to take you on a sensual journey which is exactly what will happen when you visit us.