Sensual Massage Birmingham

    Sensual Massage Birmingham by Girls Just for You

    We love sensual massage oils, and scented candles and we love those who appreciate the gentle strokes of a truly sensual massage
    Sensual Massage Birmingham is an ongoing experience that we are continuously refining. We want to offer the ultimate sensual and erotic massage in the city. Our Sensual Massage uses elements of Swedish Massage, Tantric Massage and much more. It is one of the most requested signature massages at Girls Just for You.

    What can you expect with a sensual massage Birmingham by Girls just for you? well, firstly a spotlessly clean and warm room with low lighting and scented candles and with some soft relaxing music in the background.

    Maybe you could share a drink, your chosen masseuse may offer to wash your body with warm water, while topless or completely naked. You will see her body glistening in the light as she starts to gently stroke your tired muscles. She will tease and brush her body against yours, you will feel the soft sensations as she presses against you. And all this even before you get up on the massage bed!


    Erotic Massage Birmingham by Girls Just for You

    Your sensual massage masseuse will be trying to create a state of total relaxation leading to you totally letting go. Once she starts with her teasing touches and soft, sexy and gentle body glides you will soon start feeling waves of sensual massage pleasure. A great deal of work goes into creating the perfect ambience for our sensual massages.

    We have newly refurbished private bathrooms to help you get freshened up before and after your massage. Sensual Massage lovers may also like to think about our Aqua Shower and Super slippery NURU massages these can be booked as part of a sensual massage with us.

    With our sexy and relaxing sensual massage, the only thing to come between you and your lovely masseuse will be the highest quality massage oil. This is so important to create a truly luxurious experience designed to get you coming back for more. Here at Girls Just for You we only use the highest base oils and essential oils to help ease the stresses and tension in your body.

    All our masseuses are trained in sensual massage and as we believe in the power of tantric massage and its many benefits we invariably incorporate some of these ancient tantra techniques.

    So if you need to de-stress and relax with a rejuvenating sensual massage where you and your masseuse can be completely naked together to enjoy the slow and soothing strokes of a full body-to-body massage our Ladies are here to help you replenish your sensual energy.

    Our Birmingham sensual massage selection is full of erotic pleasure leading up to a mind-blowing release. If you have never tried an adult massage before this massage is the right choice for your first experience.


    Later you may want to try our more intimate massage services like Nuru massage or Aqua Shower massage. So come along and enjoy the trance-like state that a sensual massage can produce, a sensual seductive massage that is full of erotic pleasure let your masseuse take you on a tantalising journey that will awaken your energy, tease every fibre of your body and revitalise all of your senses.

    Your masseuse will use many different seductive massage strokes that many say help them drift off into a new level of consciousness. We want to help you let go of your physical boundaries and start to focus on your own sensual pleasure.

    Depending on your preferences which we will speak about at the start of your sensual massage we will relax your breathing to help create a slower, calmer headspace. Once your mind is calm we can begin to release the tension in your tired muscles before moving onto the teasing, delicate and gentle strokes and eventually leading to a full body-to-body massage.

    Your Birmingham sensual massage will include your masseuse gently stroking you from head to toe, slowly working up to the intense sensations of a full body-to-body glide massage technique.
    You are bound to become aroused and enjoy the intense excitement of feeling your masseuse’s beautiful body against yours, this can often lead to a mind-blowing moment.  So let go and allow yourself to get the most from your sensual massage session.

    For the ultimate Sensual Massage in Birmingham call the ladies waiting now at ” Girls Just For You” Call us on 07395 134 196